About Italy and My Cat, poem by Norberto Franco Cisneros at Spillwords.com
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About Italy and My Cat

About Italy and My Cat

written by: Norberto Franco Cisneros


A black widow spider creeps between slats of Venetian blinds
other spiders emerge from their nests crawling looking for food
insects abound in this hotel located in the once desired part of Italy
accommodations that can be found around the world today

Church spires pierce the clouds people congregate near verandas
well dressed crowds speak loudly, laugh and drink an Italian libation
old churches sprinkled on the countryside fester in mildew
centuries old constructions penetrate the senses and imaginings

Structures built hundreds of years ago lay decaying
pungent piss filled smells permeate my being
gondolas cruise down the narrow canals of murky water
but the clear sky belies the secrets the lowly streets hold

I look at the pamphlet that tells me where the wealth is
I find none, guidance in the language I don’t know eludes me
seeing the treasures of Italy hold no interest without you
I realize I miss you

I sit in the square alone across from the magnificent Piazza del Popolo
when I see your pretty face turning the corner which makes me happy
I don’t have to fight spiders or any kind of insects I hate
I’m happy you’re my cat that loves to eat ‘ughy’ vermin and rodents

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