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The Tree Of Truth

The Tree of Truth

written by: Donna Africa



The branches of the sturdy wise tree
sway gently in the cool gentle breeze
like long elegant fingers on a hand
they wave as beckoning and calling me,
to share and whisper it’s secrets, wisdom
and knowledge of old & new with me,
stories forgotten & untold of brave men fighting
for the glory and the honour of day’s gone past,
lessons forgotten & learnt, awareness and forgiveness
to materialize and occur and save humankind after all!

The branches of the strong sagacious tree
angered by the fierce gale force winds
now bend & bow violently
and aggressively, before me,
back and fro they go, like passionate lovers
they perform the story of love and glory
as it entices, invites and hypnotizes me
with its ardent and sensual wild dance
I go deeper and deeper
into a transcendental trance

Transported to another dimension
it now all seems so crystal clear
my purpose and why I am here
not deluded at all as I thought before
but enlightened & illuminated
like I had never known before
no longer burdened or weighed down
by the materialistic & judgemental plane
that had gone before & of which I abhorred
love, peace, harmony & happiness
are there to meet, greet and await all
in the knowledge that the truth
will indeed set you free on your journey.

The Tree of prophecy & great truths
now rocking & cradling me
between its bough & branches
eerily whistles and whispers in my ear
that a new day dawns to those who care
to listen to a true prophet’s mission & vision
no more doom or gloom that we all fear
As predicted by the shaman of yesteryear
but a new level of consciousness & truth
is close at hand and very near.

I predict and see a new discovery to unfold
that proves we are all indeed connected as ONE
of which I knew & believed all along
from the plants to the trees,
the animals to the bees
the sun & moon to the stars,
the universe to infinity & beyond
are all connected & united
and of one and truly belong.

I love you all!

With Luv, Light and Liberty,
Your “Queen of Dreams”
Donna Africa xxx

© Donna Africa


I credit my ancestral Gaelic forefathers and foremothers for giving me a gift to be a visionary and the Zulu Tribe & people for assisting me in achieving it! I salute YOU!

Donna Africa

Donna Africa

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