Nature's Grandeur, poem by Radhika Puttige at
Michael Pujals

Nature’s Grandeur

Nature’s Grandeur

written by: Radhika Puttige


Estival sunbeams cast a mottled reflection
as alabaster gurgle, gushes downstream
rocky ridges surrender to its pristine flow
conceding to a smooth redemption

Blush of dawn, ushers a surreal panorama
the majestic mountains kiss the sky
billowy nimbus joins in for a rendezvous at the top
painting a picture of untamed allure

Expansive valleys adorn a verdant apparel
embedded with deep rooted firs and pines
the cool zephyr sings loving ballads
lulling the idyllic location with balmy grace

Bejeweled tiara crowns its virginal beauty
the incandescent magic of nature enchants
an infinite aura of empyreal ambience flows from its bosom
radiating abundance of soulful charisma.

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