Forever Red, a poem by Jennifer Christiansen at
Gabriel Silverio

Forever Red

Forever Red

written by: Jennifer Christiansen



Not brown;
Not burgundy;
Not orange;
The shade of a fox –
A splash of titian on an Autumn trail –
Beneath the setting gouache-sun.

The hue of a penny,
Erupting copper from a piggy bank,
Landing heads-up on sidewalk.
A Red so steadfast in the country of my ancestors,
Slainte! Erin go bragh!
But now so hard to find,
Beneath the hands of a beautician with a flask of dye.
Once matching my young niece’s, my vibrant strands begin to fade,
Dispersed with Time’s unwelcome grey.
A copperhead won’t dwindle to lackluster ash,
A flame won’t don a dreary cloak to hide its flash.

Fire burns brightly ‘till its final act,
And so shall I – a fierce Red lioness,
With her identity intact.

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