It's Always Been You, a poem by Leila Ziari at
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It’s Always Been You

It’s Always Been You

written by: Leila Ziari


Why run from the darkened trenches
The sullen cries of worn defenses
Mournful scars of lovers lost
Wind their way into the moss

Why is suffering an open-end
A line or two scribed in pen
Whilst wounds already have been mended
The cries of death no longer defended

What’s love without a scar or two
To learn is to be diffused
Penniless beggars wander the streets
Is it them or you who’s really free

Is the lavish life I paint myself in
Riddled with joy or dripping with sin
Do I take my place in the sun
Allow the shadows to be overrun

Are the thrills of madness worth the masks
The masquerade of setbacks
Or is authenticity the one key
To pry oneself from misery

Who’s to say what memories are real
Are we defined by what we feel
Crippled by our emotional needs
Selfish to the point of greed

You say beware of darkness
I say let it breed but never overpower me
Anchored to another time
Living in the prism of my mind

Expanding beyond the grips
Weaving into togetherness
Smoldering in the very flame
Crying out my mortal name

To control one’s fate is rather mad
For destiny always has a plan
To fight through the walls of resistance
As one offers up forgiveness

Surrender is the ode to sing
Healing powers of hearts forgiving
Mysteries of the truth
Connecting to eternal youth

Are you one to latch onto
The formula of my souls’ glue
A resonance from long ago
The chimes of freedom calling me home

Is our love built to last
Or only a myth of the past
Not even built upon this earth
Burning out before its rebirth

If I cry for you to remember
Will you spark my flickering ember
Understand my multitudes
And compliment my every mood

If loving is a necessity
Will you drape me round you like your favorite accessory
If I walk the path of righteousness
Will you build with me a gilded palace

And if I fall into an eternal sleep
Will you guide me through the world of dreams
When I awaken from this trance
Will you join me in a lovers dance

Too late to forget
The roads have been mended of regret
So before the night falls again
Let us reunite under this sunset

Hearts on fire welcome the eclipse
Every wish is sealed with a burning kiss
You’ll be the sun I’ll be the moon
And our lips shall wash away all gloom

As the dawn awakens us
I pour my heart into your cup
Serving rounds of laughter as we become anew
Echoes of our hearts scream “it’s always been you”

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