Spring, poetry by Radhika Puttige at Spillwords.com
Hans Ripa



written by: Radhika Puttige


The trail of winter’s footprints melts
nature awakens from its white slumber,
the monochrome silence fades
heavenly epiphany showers blessings.

Sprigs of green sprout on the naked trees,
pristine dew drops cascade gently
on verdant blades of grass,
iridescent blooms sway to the zephyr.

Bards sing glory of the season
an ode from the poet’s quill, inks the papyrus,
skylark’s ditties echo through the meadows
dulcet notes serenade reminiscent melodies.

Unbridled carousal of hues,
carpet the redolent bosom of earth,
life brims with an animated spirit,
spring ushers in colors of grandeur.

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