Soul Search, poetry written by SARMISTHA GUPTA at

Soul Search

Soul Search




Flapping his arms and perched atop
Bellowing gust the wind amiss
Had long ago had his first kiss
Flipping the winged arms now dull
Inspired by the sea gull
Taught him the fabric of the calm and lull
In deep predicament
The breast bone draws a fashion statement
Gaze of steel at the rocks heels
Tears the canyon to peals
Adorning the shredded cloak of morning glory
The gorge boasts of the welcoming ray
Feet rooted and gloved
Clasping the canyon sans a flaw
Akin to a bird’s claw
Arms, wings and soul
Clapped in unison
A symbiosis in Nature- of unique concoction
Man bird swirls his gleeful top
Aping the owl in its heavenly drop
Dancing like a man- the bird excels
Sharp toot- echoes the owl’s hoot
Armed wings – Bemused flight
Plunge must he
Singing in his plight
Akin to the shooting star
He navigates
Earthbound he propels
To beckon spirits he so envisions.

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