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Poised chalice / frothy elixir / purple dreams mock
Parched throat / eluding past /in prolific strains
Hope is an avalanche / groping in space /arms petrified
Wand of fantasy / seeks magic / rides the ruins flirtatiously
Chalice tilts / divinity stumbles / foul cries shudder
Crystalline myths / omnipresent /seduce impishly
Shadowy train / forms a tapestry / silken blade muses
Fallen angels / tremble vociferously / dwindle in the mist

Sarmistha Gupta

Sarmistha Gupta

I was born as Sarmistha and grew up as a dreamer selling my dreams. I have connected with poetry in various genres since my growing up years. I have done my studies delving in the depth of English Literature and pursued my passion for writing ever since. Presently I am professionally engaged in the social sector and work among socially distressed women in India, West Bengal.
Sarmistha Gupta

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