Yutori: A State of Ease and Spaciousness, poem by Debra Black at Spillwords.com
Pawel Nolbert

Yutori: A State of Ease and Spaciousness


A State of Ease and Spaciousness

written by: Debra Black



this state of wonder,
this ease and spaciousness,
letting go,
blurring lines, time, dimensions,
merging form with nonform,
melting boundaries and borders.

this easeful spaciousness
where all is possible
nothing written or defined,
intuitive, free,
coming and going,
melting into the oneness of all and nothing,
the fullness and the emptiness.

each moment, sacrosanct, wondrous,
breathing into the nowness of now.

between the sea and the sky.
there is just this – this space.
you, me, awash in the moment.
then gone.

a single cloud in the sky
born and reborn.

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