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written by: Yvonne


It came upon me suddenly
Tugging like a beggar at my sleeve
Beneath the seemingly still, calm waters of our lives
This malignant serpent of doubt lay waiting
Coiled like a spring in the deep, dark recess of my complacency
I stumbled blindly on
In blissful ignorance of your betrayal
Knowledge, when it came, was bitter-sweet
Bringing tearful apologies
Second Chances
And yet...
And yet...
In the stark, hesitant newness of a rekindled flame
The fangs remain embedded
Discreetly eroding our tomorrows with acidic venom



I am 58 years old.
Have been writing since I was a child.
I see beauty in the ordinary.
On several occasions I have performed my poetry in public and have appeared in local newspapers.

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