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Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet

(William Shakespeare Will Be Wondering)

written by: Phyllis P. Colucci



A Mercedes-Benz and Designer suit,
tailored shirt and silk tie
European leather shoes, oh my
Yes indeed, the eyes do not lie…
Italian love songs playing on a jukebox
A handsome man with
thick dark locks

…This gentleman was seated in this quaint café
The young ladies curiously stared
He remained nonchalant and a bit astute
and it appeared he did not care
He smoked his cigarette to the tip
and savored his red wine, sip by sip

He enjoyed his own company
as he smiled from the corner of his eye
He looked so dapper and debonair
He puffed, he drank, without a sigh
As I walked by, he caught my eye

I felt trapped within his gaze
Unsteady on my feet, I had to navigate this maze
His foot tapped to the beat of each song
And I wondered if I flirted a bit…
Should I, would I, be totally wrong?

Then suddenly he acknowledged me
simply with a nod
I responded in kind, happily
Yet I felt so terribly odd
This wasn’t me, but I had to see
what this gentleman had in mind
I could not pass up a moment like this
I was now on pause and rewind

With fresh mascara and smokey eyes
I hoped to reel him in
He winked at me and then I knew
this could possibly be a win
My burgundy lips matched the wine in his glass
I suddenly felt like “Upper Class”

He invited me to sit at his grandiose table
by a gentle hand gesture I recognized
In ladylike fashion I strutted toward him
and I shyly, yet gladly, obliged
He snapped his fingers; a waiter appeared
with an empty wine glass just for me
This stranger I was seated with
filled my glass from his bottle of red,
as I blushed in total glee

Then he peered at me, straight in my eye
Oh my God! Who am I?
He asked my name, with an eccentric glow
So I replied “Juliet, Sir.”
“Who wants to know?”
He replied “Romeo,” with a smile
And although the night seemed a bit strange
I knew I’d be staying a while…

“Romeo?” I asked. “Are you kidding me?”
I giggled for a moment, of course
He just silently stared, then roared like the sea
with a huge laugh and a hint of remorse
For he understood the humor in this
But it seemed his words were at an embarrassing loss
After a moment of uncomfortable silence,
he managed to whisper to me
… “The truth of the matter, my fair lady,
is yes, ‘Romeo and Juliet’ are we.”

This chance encounter in a quaint café
on a New York City street
seemed much more than coincidental to me
It was bizarre, yet wonderfully sweet
We soon became the characters
in Shakespeare’s tragic play
“Romeo and Juliet” indeed; Come what may!

I know for sure, this was not tragic at all
It was romantic, fun – we must answer that call
So we marveled in the magic of this passionate night
for we are “Romeo and Juliet;” once Shakespeare’s delight
In name only of course – yet destined to unite!
…This modern day version of two young lovers of yore
will be rewritten this evening for the world to adore
Is it fate? Or life’s mystery, what occurred tonight?
Neither of us could explain this charming sight
“Romeo and Juliet,” a fairy tale took flight

He gently grabbed my trembling hand
and brought it to his lips
The floor shook, my heart skipped a beat
It felt like a total eclipse
He kissed my fingertips to the echo of song
Italian music – I hummed along
All was serene, peaceful and calm,
I grabbed on to his strong, masculine arm
The romance was perfect, the lighting just right
I was mesmerized by this wondrous night
I felt perfectly safe and perfectly sound
and I sensed Mr. Shakespeare hanging around

I suddenly felt lost in this crazy dream
and hoped to never wake up
But “Romeo” was real, and so was I
And his essence just filled up my cup
…I placed my hand against his vibrating chest
I had to know for sure
It all happened so fast, I was confused
as my thoughts became obscured
I felt his heart beat as fast as mine
That’s when I knew this was our time

…Suddenly the atmosphere changed like the wind…
What just happened?
Has my heart sinned?
We were no longer in that quaint café
No longer sipping wine
We were in a small apartment
in a Brooklyn neighborhood
This must somehow be a sign

We were dressed much less fancier than before
This sudden change shook us to the core
Simply holding hands at a kitchen table
Struggling to move as much as we were able
Medicine bottles in a plastic bowl
Yearning desperately for days of ol’
Eyeglasses hanging off our noses
No more days of wine and roses

Our grey hair shimmering in the daylight
Looking forward to a painless night
Old sweaters keeping our shoulders warm
Wishing old souls would be reborn
Sipping tea, eating fruit
Recalling the proverbial “horn” we’d toot
Dozing off while sharing a walnut
Praying our love would ease this dull rut
Staring into each other’s faces
Dreaming of past, once youthful places
Counting each wrinkle that brought us here
I guess this is the part of life we fear

This is our story of “Romeo and Juliet,”
The true story of “Us”
Are we tragically too old now for romance,
or too old to indulge in a fine lovers’ fuss?
No, we shall live in memory
A timeless gift that will set us free

So what started out in a quaint café
will greet us with a smile each day
When our youth placed us on top of the world,
where we laughed and loved
danced and swirled
So now what once was, became what is,
A love that lasted forever
A love that may transcend time, my friends
Where we will remain still young and clever

In this world, perhaps in the next…
Our spirits will remain seated
in that quaint café of yesterday
when love grew strong and heated
Paving the way for new lovers
and the many more “Romeos and Juliets”
who may revel in surprise chance encounters,
having absolutely no regrets

No tragedies to speak of,
Just images of days gone by
Always reminiscing
No longer having to wonder why
Embracing old memories from a “Play” of sorts
Forever thankful to recall; our last resorts

…And may our dear William Shakespeare
enjoy this replay of his work
We know he will be wondering
with a grin and perhaps a smirk!



This Poem is dedicated to all you Modern-Day Romeos and Juliets out there, who believe in chance encounters and love at first sight. Embrace the moment, since matters of the heart need little explanation. They just happen.

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