Divergent, poetry by David Gray-Hammond at Spillwords.com
Jon Tyson



written by: David Gray-Hammond



I feel the places where my bones join together,
Two arms,
Two legs,
A spine,
A head,
These hands can hold a thousand hearts, but instead they hold the weight of the world’s judgement,

I feel aggressively average, and yet the world tells me I am different,
I sit alone and doubt my differences,
And then I enter the world,

Its harsh noises and bright lights grind me down,
I am a fine dust on the wind of the typical world,
Buffeted about by that which denies my difference,
I try to communicate, and yet it is as if I am speaking a foreign language,

I have no desire to speak the common tongue,
I am human, I am me,
I am the answer to the question “what’s the difference?”
I diverge from the normal and embrace my own beauty,
In a world of monsters, I am a unicorn,
I have found my tribe, and they will be with me when the monsters find me.

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