The Wilderness, poetry by David Gray-Hammond at
Tim Marshall

The Wilderness

The Wilderness

written by: David Gray-Hammond



Everything that I held dear is gone,
Stolen from me by an errant mind,
I feel as though I am lost in a barren wilderness,
Surrounded by people but never more alone than this moment,
One thing tethers me to the ground,
The other cords have been hacked away.

I scream into the void knowing not one will answer back,
I am alone,
I am lost,
The place that I once called home has rejected me,
Like a malfunctioning organ,
Now surgically removed and incinerated.

The weight of my regret is heavy,
It forces me into the ground,
I am choking on the dust of this wilderness,
I wish to be at home,
At peace,
But in my heart I know this is where I belong.

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