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Not Me

Not Me

written by: Joseph L.M. Sturm



In breath, I breathe
and wonder
if his lungs rise when
mine rise.

His nose, mouth,
and eyes.
His eyes –
everything is an accident
because I did not
the sacrifice.
My right is not a gift.
The anything is everything

His smile.

His soul is in his smile,
and his tears
drag my heart
into chains,
and I see them fall
“Better?” I ask
when I cup
them in my hands.

“Yea,” sniffle, cry,
there is no why.
It’s all about the
“Hold me.”
“What do we say?”

I spin you around
for that smile
like a fan,
we are both fanatics
that moment.

Joseph L.M. Sturm

Joseph L.M. Sturm

Joseph L.M. Sturm was born in La Mesa, California. He grew up in Pennsylvania and spent some years in foster care. A father, High School English Teacher, and Penn State Graduate, he spends most of his remaining time writing and hoping that he’ll make a positive difference.
Joseph L.M. Sturm

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