Not Me, a poem written by Joseph L.M. Sturm at

Not Me

Not Me

written by: Joseph L.M. Sturm



In breath, I breathe
and wonder
if his lungs rise when
mine rise.

His nose, mouth,
and eyes.
His eyes –
everything is an accident
because I did not
the sacrifice.
My right is not a gift.
The anything is everything

His smile.

His soul is in his smile,
and his tears
drag my heart
into chains,
and I see them fall
“Better?” I ask
when I cup
them in my hands.

“Yea,” sniffle, cry,
there is no why.
It’s all about the
“Hold me.”
“What do we say?”

I spin you around
for that smile
like a fan,
we are both fanatics
that moment.

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