Single Bird, a poem by Paul Thwaites at

Single Bird

Single Bird

written by: Paul Thwaites


You see your shadows,
They walk behind you ~
Yet you sing.
Even though there is no one there,
Alone, far away among reeds,
Late for your day, I hear you calling,
Plaintive with sorrow.

It is not too late to know, you say,
That even here there may be joy ~
Here, in this evening.
When shadows gather like wolves,
Circling with eyes aglow.
You know,
It is right you should be alone ~
You have come here to sing of it.

Something you bring for us all,
My heart centred being ~
Lost in the centre of song.
Over the fields, late to evening I hear you,
Even when you are gone,
Swallowed by darkness.
Still, in what has become a dream,
Singing through shadows.

And this is all I know of love,
It comes to listen to your song ~
In all the tomorrows.
Even when my bird has flown,
Leaving behind reeds and the breeze,
That whispers the print of your name.

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