Pass The Baton, a poem by Grace Y. Estevez at

Pass The Baton

Pass The Baton

written by: Grace Y. Estevez



A little girl born without flaws,
was raised to never ask for more.
Rules made by others were her law,
dissatisfaction filled her core.

She spent her days buried in books,
while multitasking as she cooked.
Felt success would someday be hooked,
but doubted she had what it took.

As days went by, she was annoyed,
felt like a doll or a stuffed toy.
made sure all duties were employed,
but craved for ones she could enjoy.

Secretly chose to change her ways,
in hopes to build up better days,
knowing all things turn out okay,
she hoped strong will was here to stay.

The years flew by without a pause,
self-assurance caught every fall.
Pursued her dreams, crumbled big walls,
independence helped her stand tall.

She kissed her daughter on her head,
while putting old customs to bed.
Knowing her strength will now be spread,
excited for what lays ahead.

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