Betrayal, a poem by Juliya Susan Jose at
Marina Vitale



written by: Juliya Susan Jose


It’s painful to move past
The stressful thoughts
Difficult to figure out
The sense of trauma.
Flushing delusion of
who you were,
Was at once shattered
By the appalling truth
Of who you are.

Learn from experience
It bewilders us in a hunch
It opens up a shutter of reality
Assimilates us into a deluge
We can’t fully find
A way for escape.
We can’t come out
Clumsy at times,
Of the world’s mystery.

Paradoxical portrayal of Enmity
Faces gleaming outside
Eventhough loathing inside.
Trivial tantrums circling
Extremely numb at present
I’m devastated
In an intricated web,
In an octopus grip
Of betraying shadows.

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