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Greenwood Spirit

Greenwood Spirit

written by: LadyLily



Born of the Netherworld
I skim over hazy curtained platinum pools
leaving ripple-fainted footprints of chiffon fibres.
My being transformed, a common corpse
into a stand-up, four-dimensional declaration.
Enjoy re-weaving verdant riverbanks,
a mirrored stream shadows my crystalizing aura.

Rain drizzles, trickles of gooseberries,
frizzle my spirit. I bathe in rainbow’s arc…
as celadon stars colour my crystal locks.
At the dimming dusk I ride breaths of tired air,
Borrowing stares from Owls,
glancing night’s drape-draw.
My encompassing arms whirl,
enveloping a wondrous world…
I silently slumber…

I sprinkle powdered silver over ghost-grey earth,
my spells dwell on baby blooms.
As I thread a patchwork of magic they flare their frocks,
dancing a seasonal symphony.
Conjured colognes fan charismatic fragrance
as infant Violas inhale first breaths.
I curl breezes then unleash their tickled touch.

Wandering on a cushioned, copper carpet…
A shadow-less Queen,
rearranging my December sweetshop,
mined from a solar system of tangerine.

Swanking in silhouetted twilight,
awaiting a Cosmic time-slot to ignite…
My wings flick-flip open
as I fly in a timeless state…and
just for a moment
I become your world.

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