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The King Of Lies

The King of Lies

written by: TM Arko



The king of lies
Is on his throne
His servants bow down
With cable networks around their necks
And social media in their eyes
The queen of deceit is there too
Because we must have equality
With tongues of poison
That burn like fire
Planting seeds of corruption that
Turn cities into mire
The king of lies steals the hearts from the innocent
While the queen laughs hysterically
Keeping the dreamers in a jar
Jet planes with philosophical passengers
Head east
Seeking the truth
But the trip is much too long
And the truth is just too far away
The king of lies sits on his throne
Freezing thoughts of freedom
Locking up the prisons of the mind
While the queen gives out
Gift cards of greed like candy to babies
The king of truth is on his way
With a terrible swift sword
To divide the chaff and the wheat
And all the liars with the king and queen
Will all be knocked off their feet
The thunder of justice and the chimes of freedom
The flashing lightning breaks the chains
Of all the souls seeking peace
Smashing down the doorways of destruction
Bringing righteous release
The king of lies and the queen of deceit
Will be trodden down
And drowned
When love fills the valleys of hate
Like an endless sea



Truth always prevails.

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