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Twisted By Love

Twisted By Love

written by: Luiz Syphre



I’m not a person anymore.  I exist only in your mind, and however you want me, I shall become.

Near the end:
fighting the current, stroking against every word she’d lance at him, he came up to gasp a last breath of hope…for her longing for another man’s flesh he could not bare.  His spirit contested and fought inevitable to its dying breath, but couldn’t survive the pain of her rejection and lust for another.  He would fight for life at every swell of  her unforgiving sea but her words were a fierce tsunami upon his shores…laying waste and death to everything it touched.  She turned devastation and destruction upon all his thoughts, dreams and actions.

He stopped being a person as he no longer fit any definition of it.

He had morphed into the unrecognizable…a consequence, a sum or a result of her words.  No more.



The consequences of a woman’s rejection on a man.

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