Sestina 1121: "Dedicated to Queen Elizabeth II" poem by Adam Johnson at
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Sestina 1121: “Dedicated to Queen Elizabeth II”

Sestina 11121

“Dedicated to Queen Elizabeth II”

written by: Adam Johnson



Here now to rest is England’s Queen,
Her reign of 70 years.
How dear to her family,
How dedicated to the country she loved.
Here I praise the Lady of the crown,
Surrounded by angels and nations.

Oh heaven to the stars, the leader of nations,
That was the lovely queen.
May she on golden streets, now can rest her crown.
For the time she carried those years,
Where many did love–
Her, now with heavy tears we stand with her family.

What these words here writ; may be little to the family,
Reader and to the Lady now above in the Eternal Nation,
In the arms of Heavenly love,
With her husband, God be with the great queen!
Until the passing years,
May we remember the bearer of the heavy crown.

Herself now laid under the stone, ‘tis morose we lay the crown,
As we pass it to another of the family.
But blessings be to him, to carry the future years,
The dedicated time she helped the nations,
Being the inspiring queen.
And to all she did love,

With smiles and love.
With much beauty and grace that once wore the crown,
We’ll never forget the queen.
Now flight with wings to her heaven-waited family,
With angels and the nation,
For the continued blessing and healing to the years.

When here I dedicate this prayer; for everlasting peaceful years,
With the King of love
Among royalty of all nations.
May she bare a new crown,
Among the host and family,
Long remember the British Queen!

Oh virtuous monarch of nations! In solemnity these years
I praise the queen, with Christian love
Hail Queen Elizabeth II! Be with the Crown and Royal family.

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