A Crown of Sestinas "Diadem", a poem by Adam Johnson at Spillwords.com
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A Crown of Sestinas “Diadem”

A Crown of Sestinas “Diadem”

written by: Adam Johnson



I desire thee, my fire of happiness
For thou are my gold, more precious thou lie
On the bedchamber of the dawn. I’m told
For what I find in thee will never grow old.
For all understanding; all the universe’s mystery,
Thrown in the heart in the treasured pot.

Lined in the glory of the starry pot,
Such a recipe of happiness,
Covering thee like a mystery,
Possessed and in a shrine would lie,
Ne’er too old.
Only by me and angels told,
Of the greatest love ever told.
In the peace so still in the pot,
Of the hearts of old,
That stillness shown in happiness!
The passion within; the kindled and driven would lie,
In the soul of mystery.

The treading and daring silver-tipped mystery,
On the moon foretold,
Upon the clouds would lie.
In the garden amongst the flowerpots,
Planted in our happiness,
Forever blooming and ne’er old.

The long miles of romantic old,
The one in me the love of mystery.
The river streaming in our gaze of happiness,
These touches and gazes locked in unions told,
In the taste of beauty in its sacred pot.
Endeavor for truth, the truth in your eyes ne’er lie.

Whispered words in time would lie,
In such grace streaking like comets of old,
In the diamond’s pot,
Coming ever and ever in mystery.
Its presence bright spark ever told,
I see it in thee, my happiness.

Come lay with me in mystery,
In the clouds of old telling me of the fire,
In the heart’s pot of happiness.

In the heart’s pot of happiness,
Asunder not, but arise as the heroine
In coronation upon my heart.
As thou tread the very days and hours,
I see myself alight to worlds unknown,
With that world rough, what mercy her hands make!

Fair star, let me to thy bosom make
A promise to strive in happiness,
What embrace can anything, but thee a pilgrimage known?
Thou my heroine,
Defeat such hateful fire these loving hours
As if midsummer blooms in my heart.

But thou more precious than rubies, do vault in my heart,
Where happy loving kingdoms make.
Tolling a way bells and hours,
In thy array such scents of happiness,
Assure sweet ambrosia to thee, my heroine
Like no other princess known.

If ever eternity shall bloom in thee, this please know…
Here is my willing heart,
To be thy harbor to my heroine,
May thy kiss, whose wine in devotion make,
The gold-tipped love bloom fires of happiness,
To shake the cold of the weary hours.

I have but thee, to make drunk the hours.
I plead my soul in such lover’s oath…to live and know,
I could be shipwrecked with thee and find paradise and happiness.
As I dwell with the keeper of my heart,
Indeed, my queen and Moon of Silver thou doth make—
All candles assail as the sun, oh bright heroine!

Take me in thy arms, ravish me my heroine!
New sprung heat like that of June, shall passionate hours,
In tumbling sheets like a sea in eternal hours.
Let tomorrow come, and whatever future makes!
I entreat not to know,
And live in the present with the Star of my Heart,

Oh, sweet seduction makes, my champion and heroine,
The queen of my happiness in the sunlight of many hours,
She shall take me to worlds unknown in the valley of her heart.

She shall take me to worlds unknown in the valley of her heart,
There is the intoxication of the million waves.
I’m not so easy to hide,
At times I don’t have a dime, but if I had all the world
A mansion we could live.
I’m not a sculptor to make the marble jealous of thee,

I could never make magic potions to entice thee.
I rather for a love that is real from the heart,
It doesn’t seem to be much, but it’s more to live—
When in love, along the majestic waves,
I may not have all the gold in the world,
But my love I cannot hide.

I will tell it to thee like a song, in a treasure thou can hide,
Like a keepsake to carry with thee,
These words are for thee, worth more than the world.
It seems too simple, but ne’er is it ever to the heart.
Please don’t mind, to lie beside each other in watery waves.
I hope thou don’t mind; love is the way to live.

It’s there when we sleep, and when we wake, it’s how we live,
In thine arms I can hide,
Among the precious waves.
I dance with thee,
With the fullness of my heart,
With all I have in the world…

Thou are my world,
Where I can live,
In the passion of my heart.
In this promise I cannot hide,
In the fondest memories of thee,
I repose in thy love’s waves,

Many cannot know these waves,
Many have not seen this kind of world,
Like the one betwixt me and thee.
But it is here and alive,
Where its presence cannot hide,
The vibrant pounding heart–

That I see in thee, love pouring in waves,
Assails in our hearts, and can touch and affect the world
We live, but in this truth, we could never hide.

We live, but in this truth, we could never hide
This growing flower in our garden,
Try to define the New Sun,
Bursting its glow.
Can thou tell me what it is that defines thee?
Or must I wait to see it painted in the dawn?

When I hold thy hand, I appreciate the star that is my dawn,
Where thou warm me in the strength of thee that cannot hide.
It is the most precious thing at first of thee,
That grows in thy love’s garden,
Wrapped by a fairy’s glow,
On the skin of thy pearl sun.

Love is truth of the Lord; and how He blesses thee, dear bright sun,
Is a certain prayer I bestow before the dawn!
For the humble can bow, in sainted hands in basking glow
Reach for the infinite universe of love that dares not hide,
And find in this verse like a garden.
Pick some flower in remembrance of thee

That thee, yes thee!
Can be everything to me thy Earth, as thou my sun,
that shines in my garden,
Renewed by every dawn,
From thy mere presence is the queen unhidden.
With thy passionate glow,

That promised glow,
Is the rose of thee.
Though the thorns be present, the spice of life cannot hide
The zest of my pleasure to grasp my beaming sun,
It is no pain to know a daring dawn,
That with thy hand that caresses my garden.

For my sun is gold, and thou thy blush red in the softness of my garden.
In others I cannot find similar glow,
Like the one I see in thy dawn
That emanates from thee,
As I take in thy dawn.
In my heart’s hands is the beauteous sun,
Unable to deny that thou are more than a candle, but the ever-sun.

Rising dawn that blesses in warmth in the garden,
The dew cannot hide in its cold when before thy glow…
Send the rays of thee, my sweet radiant sun!

Send the rays of thee, my sweet radiant sun!
For the call of thee, is great to this man.
o’er the troubled waves it comes to me,
Thou my light! Thou my love’s light!
The dear lover’s light upon my world,
This man humbled to watch thy walking grace.

Here my soul rescued by the Lord and blessed by thy grace!
The dear bounty of the angelic sun,
More than a prize, my dear world!
For certainly, this man–
Has felt God, and praise Him for His light,
And the gift He has given me.

Studying what thou have given me,
How entertained thy presence and grace!
How showered by thy light,
Thou great sun,
Has shown this simple man,
Who has walked the weary world!

For the sea that touches thy world,
By silver-moon or golden-sun in me,
Uplifts such a man,
Like to the pillars of grace.
When enticed by nature before a lover’s sun,
To step and be washed in its endearing light.

I am rich in thy light,
but poor in the world…
How could I not endeavor to kiss the sun?
Who wears the crown before me,
In radiance and grace.
Oh, thou enchant this man,

But are not possessed by this man!
For one cannot keep the unbound sun’s light.
For how overpowered by thy loving grace,
How bejeweled by thy world,
Thou have done me.
However, I am inspired by the sun!

How your dress of grace does a man!
When the loving sun shares its light,
To a lover’s world, thou are forever in me.

To a lover’s world, thou are forever in me!
How the English tongue could not permit, or write
The summer thou swayed in!
How warm thou do the winter too,
But a wealth thou are wreathed round,
By the touching fire of God!

For when thou walk, I hear heaven and God,
And the harps that sing to me!
Like a child with a new look in the world round,
I do renew when in love here I write,
The flaming truth too,
As the one peace always ushered in.

Oh, beguiled sea that rolls in!
With the embrace of thee, and the loving touch of my God,
All encompasses too!
How both reach to me;
If by time’s own possibility I could write,
Those smooth words of my French heritage could round,

To write thee, my love by their art I round,
The frame to buttress thee in.
In the glory of stained-glass, could capture and write
To feed me full of joy by God,
And by the endurance, of passion, and dedication has laced me
By my lover’s faith too.

By waterfalls awash too,
The grace shall round.
As the truth, not a labyrinth the burn is in me,
This poet in bower in,
Rest and repose in the promises of God,
And the constant star shall have her crown what here writ,

Any forever and immortal words to write.
The body of my lover I am loyal too,
Forever touched by the lasting gift of God.
Burn like a fire-eagle shall soar the mountain round,
In sweet chocolate confection in,
To dine in the lover’s banks and tides in me.

Along the grass forged by God, I do write
My oath to love and me. Ever greater too,
No jewel the merchant can gather round, the diamond here in.

No jewel the merchant can gather round, the diamond here in.
My lady, the Crown of Stars in thousands here burn,
Going forward in Heaven’s gate.
Endure with all the storm’s rage shall break,
Cannot break the moon from blushing,
Or the sun from day’s sweet yearning.

While in the wild grass, see some yearning,
When walking in.
The path so blushed,
Enticed by my lover’s sweet kissing burn,
Cannot stop me from touching her eyes from their emerald breaking–
In the grassy hue by the cottage gate.

I wipe her tears, by opal gate,
In dreams so yearning.
We cannot stop or break,
Where fate has come in.
While reaching through denied state of proper view, we shall burn
Regardless of the causing blush!

I still treasure the ruby blush,
The radiant queen thou are by the simple gate,
Evident of our surging burn.
The love of continuous hungering and yearning,
Soaring in…
Shall not be tripped or broken.
Yes, when faith and love are married, ne’er broken,
When kissed into paradise, we shall blush,
In sacred palmer’s march in church, we step in.
But many know the walk we carry through the narrow gate,
Though listening to holy writ, is still in me craving and in thee yearning
To unite in passion and burn.

Pardon, dear treasure thy gold does burn,
My love with thee can never be broken!
When married to our journey, I in thee shall yearn.
When these words make me blush,
To know my lady is the ready open gate,
Where all kisses beget more to be drunken in.

Always yearning to embrace thee, e’en so united we burn!
Sorrow cannot enter in, what fire can seal and break in
The blushing gate! Oh, I desire thee, my fire of happiness!

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