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written by: Kat


Love is pointless
without meaning
or choice
it warps the mind,
the soul
altering our views of what we held dear
love is corrupting
changing long lived friends
to bitter rivals,
scornful warriors
fighting heartfelt wars
Love is blind
hiding the truths we always knew
forgetting past pains,
only to repeat them
a never ending cycle that we live
Pain and Loss,
all for a pointless chemical reaction,
taking part in our brain,
not one's heart.
Love is pointless,
until you experience it.



Known by nickname, Kat likes to spend his time in front of the computer screen instead of being out and about. He uses his writing and cooking (he doesn't like to state it but he is a professionally trained chef) as his therapy. His cat, Jazmine, is always his first reader.

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  • Love - April 30, 2017
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