Wooing The Sun, poetry written by Mona Lisa at Spillwords.com

Wooing The Sun

Wooing The Sun

written by: Mona Lisa


She is not sure yet,
If she is a poet or a magician,
if she writes her own verses,
or words roam her pages by her witchcraft.

She is for sure a smile dealer,
Ice breaker,
next door.

People say
She is a hope tourist,
Travels faraway lands,
Just to buy hope in bulk.

Often she visits old age homes,
No one knows what she does there,
The abandoned seniors smile more easily.

She has an affinity for snakes,
Green is her favorite color.
she classifies everything
either fascinating,
or boring
or a waste of time.

She is growing her thick hair long,
Colored it blue
So one day, the sun mistakes it for another sky
and stays glued.

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