Rise and Shine, a poem by Ella Etienne-Richards at Spillwords.com

Rise and Shine

Rise and Shine

written by: Ella Etienne-Richards



Your aim is to hold me down.
You insult me and hurt my feelings
You wish to see me sad and depressed
You can’t help it when I’m happy
So you attack me with your filthy tongue

You are jealous, insecure and controlling
You try to destroy my self-esteem
You decide who I can and cannot see.
You try to keep my family away
My loved ones I dare not contact

You put on a facade to others
They fall under that spell
Of your deceptive outward appearance
Of your charm and good humour
Your Jekyll and Hyde character
I must endure

But I shall rise and shine
For my strength, my confidence
Comes from a higher power
No man nor woman, no earthly being
Can stop my light from shining

You may hurt me sometimes
And take me down, but lo and behold
Like a phoenix from the ashes
I will rise, a renewed woman
Strong, self-reliant, self-assured and hopeful

I will not allow you to take away from me
What is rightfully mine
The gift that has been bestowed unto me
Is mighty and powerful
More powerful than you can ever imagine

Therefore I will always fight against oppression
I will hold my head up high
I will live my life to the fullest
No more, will you damage my self-esteem
And take my happiness away from me.

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