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A Spell of Seasonal Weather

written by: Maggie O'Brien


Autumn's mellow colours glow
To imprint full prism in mind's eye
Before approaching snow
Which (with blinding blanket white and cold)
Wipes clean the memory of things old
Then the earth-recuperating mother
Draws in her offspring, under cover.

At last, we glimpse with bated breath
Spring's tender shoots of green,
defying death,
Shunning dying
Gently bringing tantalising dreams of summer days
And all of everything is stretching, yawning, sighing
Absorbing the felt, as yet unseen, warming rays.

Summer a lighter, brighter mood reveals
Unexpectedly, she heals
Laughter and well-being she brings
With all the fruits
Of all the shoots
Of spring.
But summer gives way (as we well know)
And autumn’s mellow colours glow.

Maggie O'Brien

Maggie O'Brien

Maggie O’Brien has an Honours Degree in English and Philosophy from Leeds University. She has spent most of her working life teaching
the ‘disenfranchised’ in many parts of the world. She was born and raised in Southmead, Bristol UK of an English mother and an Irish father. She moved to Granard, Ireland in 1996 where she now resides. Active on the Poetry Slam circuit in Bristol throughout 1995, she was a guest poet at the prestigious Cheltenham Arts Festival in the same year and organiser of the Poetry Event at the Bristol Free Festival. She has also been broadcast by the BBC. (She is now also an author).
Maggie O'Brien

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