Salt In The Wound, poetry written by C. Louise Williams at

Salt In The Wound

Salt In The Wound

written by: C. Louise Williams



I remembered you
sitting beneath me
shining smiles up
at me, my neck
your mouth met

You have known
too much of me
to be so far away.

Too familiar
to be so

Sometimes I dream
of you
loving me
without restraint.

But I knew it
when you flinched,
there felt
my caustic kiss,

to withdraw
into the shade
of your presence
where you could not
see me.

Some wishes
are not to be granted.
Yes. My heart,
will not cease
carving your name
into its chambers

Your memory
pours into my mind
the collection of tears
I’ve cried for you

Down into my chest
searing my scars
drowning me.
Cease your haunting.

Still my hand,
my own treacherous limb,
from aggravating
these open wounds.

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