Hestia written by C. Louise Williams at Spillwords.com



written by: C. Louise Williams



She adores polarities.
That she can take hot
and cold and
        freeze or
        burn them

Or make herself
into incense and sweets
and tend their spirits

is gleeful.

Imagine, when unopposed
what love and hate
might make,
if only they were
transmuted! Here:

An unstoppable seed
an immovable tree
held hands

as Life
in eternity.



Hestia is a Greek Goddess, one of the three acclaimed virgin goddesses and the Goddess responsible for tending the sacred hearth in Mt. Olympus. The hearth and the home were both sacred to her, and in Ancient Greece, it was the public hearth and the first offering in any home which was dedicated to her.

This poem imagines her as a crafty, wily creature, a gothic figure whose dark and light sides both dabble in the quiet mysteries of the home.

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