A circle's round, it has no end; that's how long I want to be your friend, poetry by Daisy King at Spillwords.com

A circle’s round, it has no end; that’s how long I want to be your friend

A circle’s round, it has no end; that’s how long I want to be your friend 

written by: Daisy King



The daisies on the heath are growing tall.
I walked through the grass, a thistle made me fall.

Maybe this is just how it goes.
The back and forth that life throws.
And maybe that’s why I know
That I’m just starting to grow,
Just starting to learn to throw,
Until at long last I can show-

That I’m coming home.
I didn’t think I would dare.
Didn’t think I’d ever go home.
Thought I was already there.
With open eyes, I wasn’t there.
With open eyes, too much, I care.

The love in your words makes my world warm.
When I wake up at six I think of you at dawn.

And you’re not just my mother
And I’ve been such a bother.
I wouldn’t debate what you say
If you wanted me to go away.
You’re stronger than you portray
And I just hope that someday-

When I am truly home.
You will teach me how to cope.
You welcomed me back home.
I thought that I’d lost your hope.
I look at you and I’m there.
I look at you and I’m not scared.
I look at you and I’m cared.

When you came, wrapped me up and I felt your tears
I didn’t expect you to forgive those unspoken years.

I do still need to heal and maybe it’s not real.
But forgiveness is absolute
And that’s saved me more than truth.
Now I’m welcome back home,
I don’t foresee more hungry cold
Just a warmth and smile and glow-
So chaos, give me a throw.

I’m landing back home.
I’ve been away too long.
I feel the warmth at home.
Like an Otis Redding Song.
This is where I grew strong.
This is where I belong

I look at you and you care.
You look at me and I care.
Posted by Daisy King
I Need A Phone Call


Not poetry really, just something I just had to get off my chest before I go to bed.
Thank you, you know who you are.

There is that concept that they name ‘stranger danger’
and of course, thunder can clap and the unfamiliar
can hurt you. Detectives examining bruises,
police stations in general; I’m blessed to have someone
there to hold me while I fell into a broken leaf.
But danger doesn’t always come from storms
or from strangers. Sometimes it comes at the hands
of the familiar, of those who you thought loved you.
It’s been a long time since the first stranger.
Even longer since the familiar.
People are good. They are basically good.
People are good. They are basically good.

A phone conversation today meant the world to me.
Reminded me of what happened, what I came out of.
Felt my heart breaking a little- the voice that spoke to me.
It’s been over a decade since we knew each other,
and yet I want to hang on to every word,
and I want to speak of things I have so long buried.
Friendship works that way, I am sure of it.
People are good. They are basically good.

i’ll never give up on that.

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