Venus and Mars, dark poetry written by Fallen Engel at

Venus and Mars

Venus and Mars

written by: Fallen Engel



The goddess rises slowly while her translucent soul glows white
Her flowing gown falls around her feet, tangled just beneath
Her erotic moans travel for all men to hear while the violet fire
She emits devours the demons on her web. She is the forever
Bride always looking for a mate acting like an angel is her bait
She can shed her skin and shape shift her style all the while
Flashing a smile
Of that angelic look, Venus cast your spell, ready to invoke
Mars enters and he’s ready to breed, he wants Sleeping Beauty
On her knees. He is a cold seed, sharp tongued and ready to
Consummate at midnight with his eyes wide shut, sultry Venus must
Give it up. Push the venom down the throat, his will is all her hope
Mars shall prevail using his nightshade poison while Venus hangs
Helplessly without motion. Tangled webs and shards of souls
Nothing is left but tattered clothes.

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