The Rear View Mirror, a poem by Grace Hall at
Annie Spratt

The Rear View Mirror

The Rear View Mirror

written by: Grace Hall


No Longer I hold out my arm to wave goodbye,
No longer you say “let me know when you get home safe,”
No longer I look in the rear-view mirror to see you,
Still there, standing watch as I go,
Start my journey to head home.
No more I call to say hello and tell you of my day,
No more I think, of this I must let you know.

I never realised the gape, the hole in my heart was so deep,
Its caves reach so low, so very dark,
that the light could never reach, the bottom.
So, what now?
There was the time with you,
And the time without you.
I’m sorry, so very sorry you had to go.

So, now I focus,
there is a small gap amongst the tears,
You smile back at me from the photograph,
Your smile, your laughter, your voice,
I miss them, I miss you.
“Will you let me know when you get there safe,”
I say to you now, it being my turn.

Will you remind of how things use to be.
Will you share with me those long silences, those comfortable moments,
When the steaming tea sat in our hands,
When we perused the garden work before us.
When I regaled stories of those we knew,
and you listened, you took note, you heard me,
when I couldn’t hear myself.

Only love can ascend, only we can be.
And though I cry, it would be wrong not to say,
I continue to love you, each and every day.

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