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Next Time

Next Time

written by: Cristina Munoz



if in this life there is a next time
as we’re dancing close in perfect sync 
without missing a single deep bass beat,
i will say your first name three times
casting the same sensual spell you did
i will put my hands under your waistcoat
cradle your hips, memorise your skin,
feel if my body is telling the truth,
what my mind is struggling to accept,
why i believe there must be a next time, 
i will recognise you immediately, 
holding your bold blue stare steady,
as you put your hands on my skin,
before you do what you did so brilliantly,
with such a sultry intelligent soul,
i don’t want another audience, 
let’s leave together early
say good bye to our friends, 
discover if within each other,
we have found a soul mate

if in this life 
there is to be a next time
fate direct me to her soon

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