A Pagan Love written by Kevin Lillich at Spillwords.com

A Pagan Love

A Pagan Love

written by: Kevin Lillich


The mind with shot, red eyes stares
tentatively, instinctually, forward.
The lethargic heart, blindly reminisces
backwards to a nostalgic oblivion.

The temples of an old world
Glorifying those idols and pagans.
As beautiful as they are
Cracked as they may be
Ridiculed with cobwebs and
Grievances of potential futures lost.
These glorious obstructions to the
Natural flow of nature, of the one’s mind,

And now, we are held in
This memorial union,
Me and the memory of you.

Head up, pupils focused,
Vision pristine.
Don’t text her.
For the love of god
Don’t call her.
Those scabs will fall off
And your heart will
Drain out through them.

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