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Cry of The Simple Man

Cry of The Simple Man

written by: Norberto Franco Cisneros


I wail the cry of the simple man
Who toils night and day
Ne’er knowing that disasters can fall
On those who have no worldly ax to grind

Cries can be heard throughout history
Not by those who instigate the killing fields
But by those whose hearts are not moved by mayhem
Or blood splattered on children’s prayers

How far we have come in the centuries since time began
And war only tells us how far we still have to go
To unspoil this earth we received clean and pure
A planet graciously given to us by the universal Divine

Man! Man! Humanity! Where is your intelligence?
Has the conquest of fictional lands conquered your mind?
Lands never yours only shown on your brittle mind of yore?
Has your ego been blinded by your need to satisfy an insatiable avarice?

War the bane of Man’s darkest side
War must end or the planet will have the last laugh
No man can survive such calamitous chaos
And man’s nine loves are about used up and there are no more.

And only a God can save him … MAYBE.

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