Dawn, a poem by David Lee at Spillwords.com
Anne Nygard



written by: David Lee (Tallisman)



The tree stretches up eerily into the night
Branches swaying and creaking in the moonlight
An owl somewhere sends a low call through the air
Slumberous creatures hide out of sight

A single deer steps slowly out of the wood
Antlers like antenna as it attentively stood
Listening to the sound of the night all around
And nervously tensed up to run if it should

From the north the wind came, whispering dreams
Leaves ripple with excitement and dance in moonbeams
An elderly fox has come out to watch
The owl calls out again as it preens

Small creatures through undergrowth tiptoeing
In the night sky a tinge of red growing
A gift of the dawn as a new day is born
Somewhere quite close a rooster starts crowing

Birds start singing to welcome the day’s light
Rustling their feathers preparing for flight
In the clearing below where the wildflowers grow
It’s now devoid of the creatures of the night.

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