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White Dress

White Dress

written by: Nicole Cheng



The white light is here,
The cold winter is permanent.
I need someone to hold me tight,
But the problem is…
I am around no more.

The snow is getting deeper,
I need someone to keep me warm.
Can anyone see me?
I’m in the mist, I’m hiding
Somewhere in the ivory forest.

I’m nowhere to be seen,
I’m floating in the cold air.
I feel so lost and I feel breathless;
I am the phantom,
I see you, though you can’t see me.

I am unseen, I am unheard, but
I still need a second heart,
I still need a second soul.
If anyone needs me and
In case they perceive…

I’ll be the girl with long black hair,
The girl with pale, snow skin,
The girl with eyes of coal,
The girl in the white dress.

And with a second heart and soul,
I can travel deeper into the light.
I can sleep for eternity in peace,
And I can say goodnight…
To my old life.

Remember me, as the phantom girl
Hiding in the ivory forest,
Wandering around the snow,
Looking for a heart and soul,
And wearing a white dress.

Hope you can find me soon,
But for now…
It’s time for me to say goodnight.
Hope I can see you,
Hope you can see me again.

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