The Haunting Spirit, poetry by Navin Manik at
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The Haunting Spirit

The Haunting Spirit

written by: Navin Manik



Please don’t breathe on me with ease
Coz I’ll then freeze your species with my heat

You seem to see me as if I’m a treat
But I’m here to trick your deeds with chills of my screams

You can’t hit me with crazy speed in this scene
I’m already a cloudy ghost that’s standing on my feet

Just don’t bleach me with your preaching
Coz then I’ll breach you with the haunting spirit

Can you see I’m breaking meaningless labels so weak?
It’s to fill the space with nothingness from the deep

Can you feel I’m tearing your meat in pieces?
It’s to reveal that I’m a bloody beast for real

Can you hear the painful melody in the breeze?
It’s just me burning freely your naked & rough skin

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