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written by: Vinayana Khurana


Dark roads,
Forgotten way,
A half empty bottle,
That drunkard guy,
Lost everything~?
No, guess not...
Sunk in sadness~?
No, guess not,
That bottle,
Over in some time,
A family at home,
Waiting for him,
For dinner,
He is on the road,
Lying drunk,
Without money,
Without job,
He has been kicked away,
From job,
Yet again,
He still doesn't care,
About anyone,
But that bottle,
What's the fun?
Never understood,
To live intoxicated,
Rather than living a healthy life......

Vinayana Khurana

Vinayana Khurana

Vinayana Khurana is currently pursuing her post graduation from the University of Delhi. She has Cerebral Palsy, a condition in which the motor ability of the body doesn't work properly. Vinayana is a compulsive writer and a poet. She writes her poems on her Mobile phone. She believes that her disability Can't stop her from achieving new heights.
Vinayana Khurana

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