Gifts Of Emptiness written by Beth Tremaglio at

Gifts Of Emptiness

Gifts Of Emptiness

written by: Beth Tremaglio



In the gray of nothingness

emptiness hands her gifts wrapped barrenly,

exposing the ills of a human heart until accountability is met, setting free the self-imprisoned.

All deeds done, will be met by the being of nothingness exposing the stain of goodness, what is truly of good can be given without expected recompense.

All that is nonexistent, exists.

All that is of an ending, begins.

All that is lonely will grow to become truly complete.

Some that has been lost will remain gone, absorbed into empties box for not all lost should be found.

All forgotten will be remembered, images haunting the mind will demand peace be made, setting the afflicted free.

Nothingness will weigh the unbalanced, emptiness will balance the wings.

Emptiness will bring to life the silence hidden in every spoken word handing truth to the weary.

All is naked before and within nothingness and emptiness,

all is born and reborn

all wisdoms are unclothed for there are no shadows to hide within.



Not all that is of a negative vibe should be dismissed but rather embraced.
All of what is negative and positive hold gifts.
Never be afraid to feel.

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