Adjunct Professor written by James Gabriel at

Adjunct Professor

Adjunct Professor

written by: James Gabriel



as he walks
along the campus
sidewalk the heat
of summer still
radiates towards
his skin

 cicada night
he walks into
his home
rented and still
except the soft
purr of his cat

 pressing his leg
they come
the next morning
a boy some
twerp to judge
the cache of

 his writing
hours pass
scotch flows through
his veins
the air now chilly
cold feet on concrete

 pen presses paper
just a note
the exigency too strong
to pass up
the papers burn

 the professor sighs
not of darkishness
but a sigh of relief
a breeze caresses
his face
reminding him of

 when he, a boy
on a lake just
walking in
the water the sediment
aberrant and satisfying

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