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A Poem to My Peter

A Poem to My Peter

written by: Kimber-Lee Basson


I knew it was over when I didn’t get a goodbye.
After all this time was our friendship based on a lie?
Did I make you sad, could you please tell me why?

You allowed me into your home.
You allowed me into your heart.
Little did I know that writing about you now has become my art.

Our cards are dealt differently, but yours to mine intentionally.
Did I abandon you because I flew away?
Can you let me know if we are actually, okay?

I will always remember your birthday, the 29th of May.
I am healing from the hurt of silence.
Maybe this is the lesson of friendship guidance.

What happened to my best friend’s kindness?
I don’t want him to lose his diamonds.

I can tell you are blocked.
You silently made the choice to untie our knot.
My palms are attached to my eyes.
My cries in disguise, waiting each night for your replies.

I called you my brother and accepted you as one.
What do I call you now? As this cannot be undone.
The distance was never a problem before.
Am I delusional for wanting more and more?

Goodbye has never been this loud before.
I’ll grieve your presence right out of my front door.

With grace in my heart,
I accept my removal from your cart.
It’s unfortunate,
I could never imagine us apart.

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