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written by: Jesse Batista


What shall come of the forsaken people? What is that which lies outside the realm of the underworld; the barren outskirts, where the flames of Hell cannot burn? It's a place where the fallen angel himself, even with his legions of ghouls and demonic armies, dare not tread. A dwelling: perhaps only of the minds conjuring, that is disassociated, isolated and unincorporated. Where the misfits, dissidents, and freaks; the truly damned souls, escape and find solitude in the silent hush, peace in the utter darkness and comfort in the vast nothingness. A space where time is but a distant horrid memory. Hear this proclamation; Come now all ye who are exceptional and extraordinary. Take solace in the freedom of self. Feel whole and unabridged in your distinctiveness. Know the calm of desolation and the warmth of the dark shadows. Take a seat, you are home. Welcome to the Abyss.

Jesse Batista

Jesse Batista

I was born March 11, 1994 into a situation that was less than desirable and we'll leave it at that. I was given a new start at life when I was 13. It was this new start that introduced me to journal writing and music. My love of music turned into lyric writing and poetry. Much of what I write is heavily over toned in darkness but, on the occasion, the light of contentment shines through. Writing and other forms of art, including drawing, painting and photography, has helped me find my way. While I have music out in circulation, I have only just started to release my poetry. Since releasing it, I have been published in Inquisition Poetry and have had several of my poems read on the Dear John Show.
Jesse Batista

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