Unmarked Grave, a poem by Puneet Agarwal at Spillwords.com
Jacob Farrar

Unmarked Grave

Unmarked Grave

written by: Puneet Agarwal


Hand in my pocket
you steered me down the eerie lane,
I walked in those gates,
past all bad omens.

You pulled my hand,
through the forest cemetery dark,
Those eyes, that stare,
made me feel like I’m marked.

Moon eclipsed, as we saw it,
sitting on an unmarked grave,
Underneath its shadow,
unfolded the truth when we laid.

You took my words there,
at the altar of the moon that night,
We were spoken for I thought
I lost my heart outright.

Like a damn fool, I always felt something
thought you were the one for whom I waited,
Darkness in those eyes I have always seen
not strange and yet couldn’t anticipate it,
Cupid is a hunter, preying on lone and weak
Shot me your arrow and now here I bleed.

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