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Darkness Drains The Rainbow

Darkness Drains The Rainbow

written by: Wayne Jermin



Darkness drains the rainbow,
No colours left to see.
What once was love and laughter,
Has dwindled to debris.

Once a golden sunshine,
A ray of light to some.
Now belongs to loneliness,
Nothing left to overcome.

When flowers lose their petals,
And their stems begin to fold.
Life has started to fade away,
You’re no longer brave and bold.

Clouds start to gather around your soul,
Where happiness once blossomed.
You slowly walk right to the edge,
You can barely see the bottom.

Your thoughts have gone, your mind is blank,
How has it come to this?
One more step is all it takes,
To enter eternal bliss.

Your body’s at ease and your conscience rests,
There’s nothing left on earth.
This was always your destiny,
For what ever that was worth.

Until that last second comes,
And you’re finally pulled away.
To realise how much you’re loved,
And thought about each day.

It’s true that friendship is golden,
Even when we think it’s not,
The real people come to your rescue,
Even through the rot.

The time it’s taken to tell you this,
Is my fault and mine alone.
But I thank you both my brothers,
For truly bringing me home.

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