Would You?, a poem by Wayne Jermin at Spillwords.com
Pavel Danilyuk

Would You?

Would You?

written by: Wayne Jermin



Would you come to my funeral,
If I died today?
If you had to say something,
What would you say?
Would you cry a tear,
While singing a hymn?
Or watch with sadness,
As they lower me in?
Would you miss me,
If I was gone?
Would you think of me,
When you hear my song?
Would you acknowledge,
If I wasn’t there?
Would you even notice,
Would you even care?
Would you remember,
The times we shared?
The laughter, the smiles.
The times we were scared.
Would you send flowers.
To be laid at my side?
Or stick with the others,
As they run and hide?
This may be my doing,
and I’m now at peace.
But you know what you did
And so do the police.
You pushed me away,
To the point that I broke,
And they found me swinging,
With my head in a rope.
I hope that you see me,
Every single day.
I hope that you die,
The very same way.

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