Turn The World Around, poetry by Wayne Jermin at Spillwords.com
Jakob Owens

Turn The World Around

Turn The World Around

written by: Wayne Jermin



I wish I could turn the world around
Stop the clocks from ticking
and the birds from singing
let the silence fall
for I know now
I will never see you smile again.
I look up at the night sky
and the stars have no meaning
no significance, no importance.
Turn the world around, I beg.
Calm the roaring oceans
Leave me stranded on the wrong beach
I’d give anything
for one last dance with you
One more moment.
They told me love would last forever
that moments would eventually
become lost memories.
You were my Guide
my friend, my first love.
You were my smile
My laughter
The apple of my eye
My happy ever after.

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