What Pretty Doesn't Know, a poem by Diana Burns at Spillwords.com
Rene Asmussen

What Pretty Doesn’t Know

What Pretty Doesn’t Know

written by: Diana Burns


Let me see your Ugly
Your face without the mask
I never cared for Pretty
As cunning is her task

Tell me what you fear
When in darkness you must lay
As uncurbed thoughts, you fail to steer
Cannot be kept at bay

Let me hear the screams you quiet
When demons you must fight
When all you know is Ugly
Far from Pretty’s sight

With what do you contend
When impulse leads the way
When to your thoughts your will must bend
And Morality fights decay

When Pretty goes to sleep
And Ugly re-emerges
True to your vows, do you keep?
Or surrender to your urges

It is your Ugly I need to touch
Pretty, not so much

For ugly speaks with candour
While Pretty seeks to pander
And Ugly will always show
What Pretty doesn’t know

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