Planetary Divergents, a poem by Maid Corbic at

Planetary Divergents

Planetary Divergents

written by: Maid Corbic


We are approaching Sagittarius very quickly
the waxing planets are getting bigger and colder
and around us only the Sun that warms us
and not to give time to walk freely

It is the will of the people to choose their happiness
the goal is the factorization of lifetime
we live in a time where we don’t believe that
which we do not see with our ears

The country has become disgusting and difficult
in the window of time, they hide their emotions
we complain about everything around us
and we are only a rotational figure of the orbital axis

It’s cold, minus two in weightlessness
we float and float cosmic miles
in search of our future of the world genre
the epoch of the journey of our naturalness

Through the window, we see only the outlines of ours
we – is a small world between cognitions
that after this world we become again
only one link of error; times

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