Luxurious Glory of Halloween, a poem by Maid Corbic at
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Luxurious Glory of Halloween

Luxurious Glory of Halloween

written by: Maid Corbic


I am always afraid of being left alone in the world
because I know goblins will chase me
which are dangerous and strong with their musculature
they also have eyes to see us humans in shape once

I scream out loud because I can’t escape
they can’t even hide from the masquerade in the corner of the street
which brings me all the way to a dead end and snalazin se
in every way not to give up lightly

The fact that Halloween is a luxurious holiday for me
I go around the houses and rejoice in small sweets
in the mask of a favorite hero I seek
and the continued existence of his little life

I have just come of age, I have no idea about life
the meaning is the happiness I give around me
at least she was in fear and trembling because of it
from which all my life I want to escape

Fear, goblins, tombs, masked men and euphoria
It can never replace the fact that a holiday
he has a soul and eyes to show me and others around me
that anything is possible, even in the new era to hang out with everyone!

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