The Hungry Spiders, poetry by Abha Das Sarma at

The Hungry Spiders

The Hungry Spiders

written by: Abha Das Sarma



Masked as witches, cloaks running under their feet,
My granddaughters stand stirring
The earthworm eggs, the ant heads, lizard tails and the snake skin.
Blending in wild roots, buried leaves for the seasoning.

Singing They are coming, they are coming.

In a pit full of mud turning into green slush to be fed
To the army of spiders guarding the porch,
Their web spread over the door.
Woken from sleep as the ghosts of The Hungry Caterpillar.

Singing In spirit of dried blood, they return to this earth,
Trick or treat, they carry our sins and good deeds.

The grandfathers, the grandmothers, their aunts, uncles and pets.
The Cheshire Cats, the Crookshanks.

All tell, Fear not death, it will be wrapped in our breath,
It is beautiful, it is beautiful to be dead.

Ripping the horizon, pouring come the kites with owl heads.
Arresting the sun, whipping a storm, blinking eyes red.

Singing Trick you perish, treat you live, dissolve fear, foster no grief,
We bestow rebirth on earthly feast.

Quickening pace, slicing the day, imploring heavens to descend on earth,
All sing.

Feed the spiders, go to bed, sweet dreams, sweet dreams,
This Halloween.

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